"Your Coaching Process - as individual as you - for you."

Your personal coaching process:


In our first discussion about your challenges, we will clarify which issues in which context you want to discuss and work on. In this first communication we will see if the "chemistry" is right between us.
Then you will decide if a fruitful collaboration is promising and feasible for you.
When we get together, as the first step we will define how your individual coaching process will be. Structurally, we will discuss how often and for how long in each session we will meet.
And - of course we will also find measurements and milestones how you for yourself as well as your stakeholders can recognize your progress regarding the improvements you want to achieve.


Focus Coaching / Executive Presence and Authentic Personal Branding:
Usually you can calculate 6 sessions at 2 - 4 hours within 6 - 8 months for these formats.

Within this time span you will have the opportunity to try out and successfully implement your precisely defined actions for improvements after each coaching session into your environment.

Onboarding and Transition Coaching
Ideally, our collaboration starts about 2 months before you will take on your new role.

It is important to ensure that you have a plan, about which first lasting impression you want to leave in your first communications in the new position and what you want to reach within the first 100 days.
In general, the professional guidance in Onboarding and Transition Coaching takes between 12 and 18 months, with monthly coaching sessions at 2-4 hours.



These often occasion related sessions will be agreed flexibly with you regarding urgency, time and location. Of course we can also meet on a regular base.  

Virtual Coaching Sessions: Telephone - Video Conferencing - Zoom / Teams / Skype Coaching

Especially with large distances, it is opportune to conduct coaching sessions virtually.
Experience shows that a virtual coaching session with a duration of 1-2 hours is most effective.
If possible, 
starting with a personal meeting to initially get to know each other well ensures the best impact and collaboration in virtual coaching.  


Personal Coaching Sessions
Of course I am happy to come to you. You are also very much welcome in my office in Cologne.
In preparation for major events as part of your Presentation Coaching or at events as part of change management projects I shall be also very happy to support you on site. Anywhere.

"Effective Executive Coaching has to be personal, targeted and solution oriented in a reasonable, professional timeframe for you."