"Focusing on you, your talents, your goals and your success."

All coachings can be done virtually according to your specific needs -

through videoconferencing using Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc. or over the phone. 

 Since 2005 I am supporting Executives worldwide successfully through virtual coaching.

The situation: 

  • You want to develop yourself to a higher level?
  • You want to work smarter, to be more effective and more efficient to achieve even more? 
  • You even want to reach for the stars and unleash your full potential?

Permanent Change is the only constant in our fast moving Global business world.


To master the changes you want to excel based on your personal and business goals?


Ideally we can start with your already defined personal development insights for your improvement areas, external feedback, perhaps based on a recent 360° review.


Or are you faced with new surroundings, a new position with unusual challenges, new perspectives and different codes of conduct?


To address these challenges in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way you are looking for a business minded, psychologically well trained and experienced Senior Executive Coach?


A professional who is - having been himself for over 15 years in roles as Managing Director, CEO, Executive and founder of 3 companies - capable in comprehensively supporting you best in mastering your challenges regarding Leadership, Change Management and Communication?


The path: A special quality you can feel.


Very well, I am more than happy to support you in your journey to excellence - to become the best version of yourself. Mastering changes as they come and being well prepared to lead the way.


Every Executive Coaching assignment is naturally very personal, individual and tailor made for you. 


In terms of effectiveness and (time-) efficiency it is worthwhile to look at processes, patterns and similar topics which are interdependent to address your specific needs and goals. 


Therefore the following proven, adaptable framework has been developed with a focus on the special tasks,  challenges and perspectives for Leaders, Executives, Managers and High Potentials to support you best in reaching your personal and business goals. 


The concepts:

Personalized, yet proven formats for your sustainable and measurable success:


Executive Coaching / Focus Coaching 

You have one or more specific topics that you want to discuss and reflect in a structured way, and  find for yourself new, effective solutions and sustainable options that you can implement?


Executive Presence / Authentic Personal Branding / Presentation Coaching

You want to improve your communication effectiveness and impact in different settings like face to face talks, in negotiations, in teams, on stage, etc. to lift yourself up to a higher professional level?


Onboarding / Transition Coaching 

You are already, or will soon take on a new position and you want to accelarate your change in order to be effective, successful and sustainable in your new role? Professional Change Management is included, of course.


Sparring / Trusted Advisor 

You already have clear ideas of what to do and how you want to achieve your goals?

You are looking for an adequate partner with an external perspective to exchange your ideas and support you in finding the best solutions and implementation strategies by talking things through (situational, tactically, strategically) without own agenda?