"A highly effective way for your integration and to take the lead."

The situation:


Integrating new leaders in new environments into responsible positions seems easy at first sight.

However, reality shows a sustainable and successful integration does not happen by itself.


Onboarding - The structured systemic consulting part


Therefore Onboarding and Transitioncoaching have been developed over the past 15 years as a structured and proven approach, based on sound scientific evidence.


Thousands of real integration processes of Senior and Top leaders around the Globe have been monitored and analyzed for over 15 years by Dr. Michael Watkins, his team and myself to find out about the sustainable success factors for new leaders in Senior positions as well as about the critical factors which may cause derailment, if not addressed in the right way.


Your benefit and added value:


Therefore the Onboarding process supports you with a hands on, reliable analysis and tool set to put you into a sovereign position ensuring your success and avoiding traps in your integration.


Based on my many years of cooperation with the leading worldwide expert and bestselling author  Dr. Michael Watkins, Cambridge, USA ; Books: "First 90 days" and "7 Seismic Shifts" and "Your next move" and my memberships in international, special boards for Onboarding practices, you can always rely on the latest, valid scientific evidence and benchmarks to secure your success.


The basic guiding questions for your Onboarding process are quite simple:

  • What works in integration processes? 
  • What does not seem to work? 
  • Where do I have to watch out?
  • Which priorities do I have to set to quickly integrate myself into my new role and be successful?

Transition Coaching - The crucial emotional coaching part

Alongside your Onboarding process, whether you like it or not, you will go through an emotional transition process. Your emotional transition is a longer adaptation and change process.

It is emotional because in your new role and environment your values and norms might be questioned and you may have to adapt to new values and norms to effectively integrate yourself. 


A change in your role, new behavioral expectations and the usually mandatory Change Management in a new position with all its particular implications on your emotions and communication patterns with others is not to be underestimated and quite often recognized too late.


After all, without professional support almost 2/3 of new placements in Senior positions fail within the first 18 months. Often the company culture does not accept the new Executive and sees him as a foreign body, the expected swift performance in the new role is not sufficient and thus communication and integration at least will suffer, if it does not even lead to rapid separation.


Your benefit and added value:


In order to avoid derailment it is recommended to start the process about 2 months before the placement starts to be well prepared for the first forming communication in the new position.


With the right first impression at the right time there is a lot to gain.

Accelerated Onboarding and Transition Coaching - Benefits and Added Value
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"To master the challenges of your new role in the best way Onboarding and Transition Coaching is the cheapest insurance for you."