"In the end it is often quite lonely at the top, right?"

The situation:


As a Senior leader or even Board member you are always under pressure to decide and act.

Unfortunately, one cannot
discuss all critical issues with colleagues and associates, who often have their own private goals and career vision about the different topics.


Also, it is quite difficult to discuss these important topics with your friends and / or your partner.


So you are often left alone with your thoughts and decisions. It can be quite lonely at the top.


The way forward:


The primary benefit of sparring as the "supreme discipline" in consulting and coaching is your chance to discuss your important, current as well as strategic issues with a competent person at eye level without an own agenda and objectives to your subjects, the "Trusted Advisor". 


This professional sparring involves methodically all coaching topics, techniques and possibly you can benefit from my differentiated industry experiences and overviews with solid benchmarks.


In addition, analytical procedures as they are used by major Global consultancies, can be an integral part of your sparring for your maximum benefit.


Your benefit and Added Value:


Using the external views and through the profound confrontation with your subjects you will gain new perspectives to develop further, perhaps even better solutions and implementation options to achieve your goals. 

"Sparring with your Trusted Advisor - new perspectives and solutions."

"Sparring is a form of training which is used in many combat sports. It is fighting, similar to a real competition. However, the rules are adapted to avoid injuries. The purpose of sparring is to enhance the competencies and skills, while in competition the purpose is to win.