Differentiated Executive Coach Profile - Konrad Lenniger

Konrad Lenniger is an International Executive Coach for Global companies in his own practice since 2002.


Also, for now over 15 years Konrad works as a contractor / freelance consultant in projects through his affiliations and memberships in reknown Executive Coaching Cadres of World Class Professional Service Firms. 


As a longtime Managing Director, founder and CEO of  Consulting-, Training-,  Coaching and Market Research companies such as psychonomics (now: YouGov) and Training Systems from 1991 to 2001 Konrad knows and has felt the special challenges one faces in Senior- and Top Management positions very well from his own experiences.


In combining these experiences with his broad studies and education Konrad offers word class expertise in formats like  Onboarding / Transition Coaching and in Focus Coaching for High Potentials and Senior Managers- as well as for Top Management / C- Suite members.


Enhancing personal communication performance (Executive Presence / Authentic Personal Branding) with his unique concept (only 1 : 1 - no seminars) is an integral part of his complete Executive Coaching offering for managers and leaders.


As a Trusted Advisor to high level Executives Konrad's expertise is often used in Sparring of Top Managers.

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Konrad Lenniger


So far for more than 25 years Konrad has effectively supported Executives and High Potentials in their development to become leaders of Fortune 500 companies, Global Niche players and International Consulting Firms.


Executive Coaching 

  • Starting up as a Business Coach in 1989  Konrad received several coaching certifications according to the highest standards, i.e. at BMW in Munich, Germany, in Switzerland, ICF (International Coach Federation) MCC - level, quite a few in the UK and regularly in the US.
  • Over the years he got many more specific certifications such as “Adaptive Coaching”, “Accelerated Transition” as well.
  • In 2005 Konrad was certified, as the first German Executive Coach, by the worldwide leading Onboarding specialist  Dr. Michael Watkins (Harvard University, IMD, INSEAD) in  "Onboarding / First 90 Days / 7 Seismic Shifts / Your next move" at Genesis Advisers in Cambridge, MA, USA and still works closely with him. Please have a look at our latest article:



Leadership and Management Assessments:


For Top Management level and high potential assessments Konrad received quite a number of certifications in psychometric tools at Korn Ferry International: Decision Styles, viaEdge,  Voices, Emotional & Social Competence Inventory -ESCI - and Survey of Influence Effectiveness - SIE - (360° Analysis). In working with other Professional Service Firms Konrad is also very familiar in the use of more well known instruments like Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI Step I and II; WAVE; Fundamental Interpersonal Relational Orientation: FIRO-B;  HOGAN; Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory: Bar-On EQ-i; Neuroticism Extraversion Openness: NEO-FFI and Thomas Kilmann Instrument: TKI, just to name a few.

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Konrad’s expertise is built upon his broad academic studies in Economics and Educational Sciences with his emphasis on:

  • Leadership and Management, Organizational and Social Psychology, Intercultural Communication, Adult Education, Business Administration

Over 30 years of International Business Experience in the United States, Africa, Europe – EMEA and CEE, Russia - Middle East, India, Japan and China round up his profile.


Through his professional affiliations Konrad always stays on top with the trends as well as new methods in Executive Coaching and Leadership development on a Global base: 

With the continuously updated concepts through scientific research and practical experiences Konrad strives to support "his" coachees in the best way, very personal and always up to date.


If you like: For you, too. World wide.


Konrad is fluent in German and English (native speaker level),  and lives in Cologne, Germany.

"Well educated, internationally experienced - prepared to make a difference with you."